Dimetapp Children's Cold & Allergy, Grape Flavor, Alcohol Free 4 fl oz

Dimetapp specializes in children’s medicines, so we know the importance of not giving your child more than they need. Our kid-friendly formulas are designed to target specific symptoms—so your child gets everything they need, and nothing they don’t. Dimetapp Cold & Allergy for kids relieves and comforts nasal congestion, runny noses, itchy, watery eyes, and sneezing. The active ingredients in this liquid cold and allergy medicine are Brompheniramine maleate (antihistamine), and Phenylephrine HCl (nasal decongestant). Our formulation is alcohol-free and has a sweet grape flavor kids love. Explore our full line of products for kids including Dimetapp Cold & Cough, Multi- Symptom Cold & Flu, and Nighttime Cold & Congestion and choose the children’s cold medicine that’s right for your child’s symptoms. For over 50 years, moms have trusted Dimetapp to help their kids feel better, faster.