Soapbox Body Lotion, Oat Milk & Almond, Gentle, Comforting Moisture 16 fl oz

4x moisture boost. Shea butter. Almond oil. Vitamin E. Dry, irritated skin? That's a chapter we're closing the book on. Comfort your body with this creamy blend of oat milk and almond oil for a soothing hydration that brings calm and relief with each pump. Aggravated skin is comforted with this custom blend of alleviating oat milk and softening almond oil. This duo is truly from our skin-comforting dreams. Blended in our 4x moisturizing boost of shea butter, olive oil, aloe and vitamin E this lotion will deliver claiming vibes. Feel the difference. Make a difference. Cruelty free & vegan. When you purchase this product, a bar of soap is provided to someone in need either locally or abroad. See where & how your purchase impacts another life by entering your unique Hope Code at Certified B Corporation.