Dr. Scholl's® P.R.O. Men's Size 8–12 for Arch Pain Relief Orthotics 1 Pair Carded Pack

Is this right for me?Dr. Scholl's Pain Relief Orthotics (P.R.O.) Arch is designed for people who suffer from arch pain caused by flat, weak, fallen, or high arches. How does it work?The lightweight insole provides extra arch support just where you need it most to help prevent arch pain. Dr. Scholl's with Shock Guard® provides pain relief all day, every day.Dr. Scholl's Shock Guard™• Immediately helps to absorb pain-inducing shock at its source• Reduces impact with every stepClinically Proven Pain Relief Pain Relief All Day, Every Day Immediately Treats Your Pain at It's Source Shock Guard™ Absorbs Impact with Every Step