Bimbo Buns, Hamburger 8 Ea

Say Beembo! Soft and delicious hamburger buns the whole family will love. Bimbo Bread (pronounced Beembo) has been bringing families together for four generations. A family-owned business since 1945, Bimbo Bakeries relies on its own family recipe to bring you the softest, most delicious bread and buns possible. Let Bimbo Hamburger Buns turn a simple picnic or a backyard barbecue into a special event for the whole family. Kids will love the Bimbo Bear and his great tasting rolls. Moms and Dads will love Bimbo's quality ingredients. Grain Group: Make half your grains whole. Source: US Department of Agriculture. Bread retains its best quality if stored at room temperature. For best results, use bread by date on package.