Mc Cormick Onion Salt 5.12 oz

McCormick Onion Salt is always made from non GMO onions. This simple mixture of onions and salt brings savory, toasty flavor to soups, stews, hamburgers and more. McCormick's dehydrated onion varieties, including Onion Salt, Minced Onions and Onion Powder, provide consistently fresh onion taste while maintaining a longer shelf life. Dinner preparation is a cinch- simply shake onion salt onto roasts, steaks, chicken or seafood before cooking. Our onion salt is ideal for ground beef or ground turkey dishes, from spaghetti sauce to chili and meatloaf. Or, use to enhance the hearty onion flavor in onion dip or onion soup. Instead of table salt, sprinkle on eggs, potatoes, pasta, beans and vegetables to add a touch of onion spice flavor. Packaging may vary.