Jell O Ocean Cutters Kit 6 Oz

Artificial flavor. Per 1/4 Package: 170 calories; 0 g sat fat (0% DV); 190 mg sodium (8% DV); 40 g total sugars. Contains: 2-3 oz boxes strawberry gelatin. 4- Sea creature cutters: Fish, starfish, shark, dolphin. Shape an Underwater Adventure: Take your snorkel and dive deep, we're searching for underwater creatures! We'll splash around until we see a fish that's shaped like a star or a dolphin who wants to jump waves. A sea of possibilities awaits us when we jump in and play! www. For more information, visit Jell-O Play Ocean Cutters Kit transforms Jell-O from a gelatin into a fun and creative family activity. This wiggly jiggly activity lets parents and kids use their imaginations while enjoying a delicious treat. This 6 ounce kit includes two 3 ounce boxes of strawberry gelatin. Each kit is complete with fun animal shaped plastic cutters so families can cut Jell-O gelatin into dolphin, shark, fish, and starfish shapes. Thanks to this kit, you can turn an easy to make dessert into a fun activity your family will love. Playing with this gelatin kit is a blast for the whole family, and once it's done, everybody can enjoy a tasty treat. You'll have so much fun playing, snacking and creating memories with your kids.