Tenda Bake Corn Meal Mix, Self Rising, Buttermilk 5 Lb

Not authentic without signature. Family owned. Since 1932. White. Enriched. Highest quality products since 1935. Since 1935, Midstate Mills has provided Southern bakers with the highest quality corn meal and corn meal mixes. Unlike some other companies, we source most of our ingredients from local farmers, ensuring the freshest, most flavorful corn meal available. The entire line of Tenda-Bake corn meal products are made in small batches in our family owned mill in Newton, North Carolina. This allows us to closely monitor product quality and consistency, resulting in the finest cornbread, corn muffins, and cornbread casseroles. www.renwoodmills.com. www.tendabake.com. Try Tenda-Bake in your favorite cornbread recipe or visit www.tendabake.com to find exciting new recipes. You'll be glad you did. For more recipes visit: www.tendabake.com.