McCormick Seafood Fry Mix 10 oz

Golden Dipt Seafood Fry Mix is made with a blend of the highest quality flours, McCormick spices and no MSG added. This seasoned breading provides a superior coating that seals in moisture and adds flavor to fried fish and seafood. Use our seafood breading to make a fish fry dinner with fish like tilapia, flounder, cod, catfish or trout. This versatile fish fry seasoning makes an easy fish sticks breading, as well as breading for shrimp, scallops, shucked oysters and clams, or soft-shell crabs. It’s so easy – simply moisten seafood in water or milk, coat in the Fry Mix, then deep-fry or oven-fry until golden brown. Serving a crowd? Use the entire package to coat 4 lbs. seafood or 6 lbs. fish and serve with McCormick Cocktail Sauce or Tartar Sauce.