Jell-O Play Unicorn Slime Kit with 100% Edible Strawberry Gelatin Mix, 14.8 oz Canister

There are no rules when it comes to how you play with Jell-O Play Unicorn Slime. This 14.8 ounce slime making kit just needs water and three scoops of the mix to create a magically gooey and soft creative toy. The ideas are endless on how to play with this pink slime, which can snap, pour and squeeze into any form. This mess-free slime is non-toxic and edible, with a deliciously fruity strawberry flavor. Easy to clean and quick to create, Jell-O Play slime supplies come with enough mix for two batches and a handy pre-measured scoop. Great for parties and playtime, this festive unicorn edible slime allows imagination to sparkle and magic to fly!