Carrington Farms Cooking Oil, Organic, Flax, Cold Pressed 16 oz

Now for cooking. Perfect for high heat cooking. Works great in everything from stir-fry to roasting! Fry with it, bake with it or saute vegetables - an excellent alternative to butter, canola or olive oil. Non-hydrogenated. Hexane-free. Chemical-free. It's Easy to Cook with Goodness: If you are looking to get an little nutty, flavor-wise, in the kitchen, our organic Flax Cooking Oil has benefits like Alpha-Linolic Acid (ALA) and Omega-3 fatty acids. We promise that everything we make is simple. Clean. Real. and will make you feel nourished from the inside out. Distinctly filtered to achieve a high smoke point like other cooking oils. Cook. Saute. Drizzle. Perfect for high heat cooking up to 400 degrees F.