Uncle Yammy's Grillin Sauce, Original Recipe 18.5 Oz

Sweet with a little bite. Use it like ketchup. No corn syrup. Goodness Growl inc. For: Uncle Yammy's. Uncle Yammy's Grillin adds a unique flavor to whatever you are cooking. Uncle yammy's Grillin sauce is sweet with a little bite. You will love it on beef, pork, chicken, seafood, wild game, vegetables, or simply by itself. Uncle Yammy's also makes a great marinade. For best results when grillin, apply to the food the last ten minutes of cooking with low heat. Uncle yammy and his wife created and refined uncle yammy's grillin sauce over a period of about 12 years. They tried numerous variations and invited theri friends and family over to join them as they slapped uncle yammy' on ribs and chicken. After years of experimenting (using theri friends as guinea pigs), they settled on this recipe. The response has been overwhelming. Everybody who tastes uncle yammy's grillin sauce simply loves it. People have tried uncle yammy's on all types of foods from scrambled eggs to pork n beans in addition to ribs, chicken and seafood. Uncle yammy and his wife and friends worked hard to perfect this sauce. Do yourself a favor and try uncle yammy's. You will not be disppointed. The nickname: His nieces, Cassie and Brice, hung that one on him.