Stubb's Simply Sweet Reduced Sugar Bbq Sauce 18 oz

Stubb’s® Simply Sweet Zero Sugar Legendary Bar-B-Q Sauce has that down-home Texas barbecue flavor you know and love with no sugar added. This carefully crafted sauce has a little bit of tang and a touch of spice that’s perfect for chicken, steak or pork. If you’re looking to consume less sugar in your diet, this tangy, spicy, simply sweet sauce fits the bill. It’s made right with tomato puree, vinegar, spices and natural hickory smoke flavor. Great for tailgating or backyard cookout- simply brush on grilling favorites like burgers, ribs, wings and vegetables. C.B. ”Stubb” Stubblefield love for great barbecue lives on in our sugar free sauce- it has the rich, classic flavor that smoked and grilled meats have been waiting for.