Mt Olive Pickles, Kosher Dill, Sandwich Stuffers 24 fl oz

What’s a sandwich without Mt. Olive Kosher Dill Sandwich Stuffers? Incomplete, because you’ll be missing out on all the garlicky pickle goodness when you sink your teeth in. Experience the crunch and burst of flavor you get every time you bite into one of these kosher dill slices. The strong, sharp taste compliments lunch meats perfectly to make for a delicious, satisfying meal. And they’re even better with grilled sandwiches like Reubens and Rachels – they make for a tangy accompaniment with sauerkraut and melted cheese. Mouth watering yet? Give your favorite meals a fresh, new take. chop up a few slices and use them as a garnish. Or just keep it simple and grab some straight out of the jar. Pre-sliced to make it easy to pop ’em out and stuff ’em in for maximum flavor. Your taste buds will thank you.