Mt Olive Pickles, Bread & Butter Chips 4.8 Fl Oz

Mt. Olive Munchies Bread and Butter Pickle Chips are now available in a resealable 4.8 oz pickle pouch. You read that right. Now you can take our delicious bread and butter pickle chips everywhere you go. Our leak-proof resealable pickle pouch ensures you can enjoy these tasty traditional bread and butter pickles anywhere. Our no mess, no fuss resealable pickle pouch filled with our Munchies Bread and Butter Pickle Chips is going to change how you think about snacking. Sweet with a Little Zing, Munchies Bread and Butter Chips are a family favorite. They have that great traditional sweet treat flavor with a little zing. The mouthwatering goodness comes from a traditional bread and butter pickle recipe that has stood the test of time. Our resealable pickle pouch ensures that your bread and butter chips maintain their crunch and their fully packed flavor. Our Munchies Bread and Butter Chips are sliced to the perfect thickness to give you a mouthful of flavor with every chip. Mt. Olive Bread and Butter Pickles have been a family favorite for generations. We wanted to give families a way to enjoy our delicious pickles as a snack. Of course, a jar of pickles might not travel well to the ball game or the park, so we designed our resealable pickle pouch to help make life easier for our Munchies Bread and Butter Chips fans. Convenience is key to great snacking. Our resealable pickle pouch makes snacking on our Munchies Bread and Butter Chips convenient. Resealable pickle pouches contain the perfectly sized individual portions and they can travel anywhere you travel. Whether you want to add the sweet zesty taste to your lunch or you want something to satisfy that sweet tooth, Munchies Bread and Butter Chips in a resealable pouch is just the ticket. The kids will love them, and you can feel good about giving them to the kids to snack on. At Mt. Olive we think you and your family deserve the highest quality snacking options.