Lizard Lick Barbecue Sauce 14 oz

You'd rather skinny dip in a pool or piranhas than miss trying this sauce. Like life! This is pops legendary original Eastern North Carolina BBQ Sauce. Gene King was a self-taught man, no formal education. He just figured it out with a I can do it attitude. He didn't like the sauces at the grocery store so he rolled up his sleeves and made his own. He developed a vinegar based spicy sauce, not sweet and not thick. He declared it great an all meats and good on veggies too. Everyone agreed and told him to market it, but illness and death intervened. He gave Ronnie is secret recipe before he died and Ronnie promised to make his dream a reality with the sauce that's in your hand. Grab the Original Pop's Eastern NC BBQ Sauce and in the end you will - lick life! Romans 8:1. Visit us online: Facebook. Twitter.