Lea & Perrins Traditional Steak Sauce, 15 oz Bottle

Lea & Perrins Traditional Steak Sauce offers premium-quality flavor that complements all kinds of meats. This creamy steak sauce features scrumptious ingredients including, vinegar, tomato puree, raisin paste, molasses, orange juice concentrate, onion, dried apples, sugar and garlic. With a tangy, zesty flavor with a hint of sweetness and spice, this thick, pre-mixed sauce transforms your steak into an exciting experience. By combining and simmering the ingredients, this sauce delivers a complex, unmatched taste used by chefs across the country. Use as a delicious dipping sauce, or add a dab to a grilled rib eye, sirloin steak or filet mignon to add the finishing touch. For easy opening, this bottle of steak sauce features a flip-top lid.