Mt Olive Pickles, No Sugar Added, Bread & Butter Spears 16 fl oz

A delicious sugar free Bread & Butter Pickle spear! Perfect for sandwiches, burgers, or just something guilt-free to snack on straight out of the jar! Our pickles are hand packed with the freshest, most quality-driven ingredients and brined until the perfect moment. Just crack open a jar from the fridge, and let the sweet, yet tangy aroma draw you in. Bite into a crunchy, chilled pickle spear, and feel the amazing flavors and fresh taste roll over your taste buds. You will be delighted just how good a sugar free pickle can be! When you indulge in a tasty treat with some Mt. Olive No Sugar Added Bread & Butter Spears, you will find no better taste, crunch, and flavor profile. They come sliced into easy to use spears, so you can put them on hamburgers, sandwiches or even to slice and dice into other food. They are even great for just grabbing out of the jar and dropping straight onto a plate (or even your mouth!). We promise there’s no wrong way to eat our No Sugar Added pickle spears, and you don’t have to have any regrets going back to the fridge for seconds! These bread and butter pickles have a sweet taste that’s unique and memorable. The classic, old fashioned favorite, Mt. Olive’s Bread & Butter chips are known for their sweet, yet tangy profile flavor. And our No Sugar Added pickles, which are sweetened with the no calorie SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener, are no different.