Nature's Path Organic Cereal, Pumpkin Raisin Crunch 12.3 oz

Nature’s Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch are nutrient-dense whole wheat and flax flakes, combined with toasted granola clusters, iron-rich pumpkin seeds and sweet, juicy raisins. Don’t be fooled by our name – while the organic pumpkin seeds offer a wholesome taste, this isn’t a pumpkin flavored cereal. Rather, you’ll enjoy our ever popular, super healthy Flax Plus flake, combined with our famous organic granola clusters and delicious raisins. The variety of textures that our “Flax Plus Crunch” range is known for make this one of our most popular cereals, consistently ranked in the top 5. With 6g plant powered protein, and 8g fiber, you get all the benefits of a healthy cereal while enjoying the delicious taste. We believe it’s important to start the day right, and that’s why we created this deliciously tasty cereal, filled with simple, whole food, organic and non-GMO ingredients.