Campbell's Home Style Savory Chicken with Brown Rice Soup 18.6 oz

Enjoy quality flavors that feel like home with Campbell’s® Homestyle Healthy Request® Chicken with Brown Rice Soup. Every spoonful of this chicken soup is crafted with the simple, delicious ingredients you grew up on. This homestyle soup is made with tender chicken meat and hearty brown rice, carrots and celery for that familiar taste that’s sure to be a family favorite. Just heat in a covered microwave-safe bowl for up to three minutes, let sit for one minute and enjoy. This hearty chicken soup is perfect for nostalgic lunches at the office or part of family dinners at home. Each soup can is non-BPA lined and easily recyclable. Journey back home with every spoonful of Homestyle Healthy Request® Chicken with Brown Rice Soup, crafted from a place you trust—Campbell's®.