Wise Mouth Tea, Chrysanthemum Dragon Rose 16 Oz

10 g sugar. 40 calories. Hand brewed with real fresh ingredients. No caffeine. Each bottle is inspired by thousands of years of wisdom. 100% natural. When I was growing up, a drink was never just a drink. Drinks were thought of as keys that open many benefits to the body, a kind of delicious medicine that protects our weathered bodies. The tea leaves and herbs in this tea have been commonly used for thousands of years in Eastern Culture for medicinal purposes and as a drink. Fused together by my family recipe and my passion for a healthy life, this tea is a balanced symphony of taste, refreshment, joy, health, and peace. - Lei. Wise Mouth tea is inspired by thousands of years of eastern health regimens. 100% natural. Hand brewed with real ingredients. Each ingredient is selected with purpose. Sweetened with crystallized sugarcane, which is widely used in eastern traditional medicine. No concentrates. No additives. No preservatives. No artificial sweeteners. www.wise-mouth.com. Consumer Information: Check: www.wise-mouth.com or email: info(at)wise-mouth.com. Made in the USA.