Naked Juice, Kale Blazer 15.2 Fl Oz

The goodness outside. The goodness inside (Per bottle). No preservatives added. Juices from (per bottle). 1-3/4 oranges. 5-3/4 kale leaves. 3/4 apple. 1/8 cucumber. 15 spinach leaves. 1/2 celery stalk. & a hint of ginger & lemon. All sugars come from the fruit and/or vegetables. Gently pasteurized. Please recycle. This ReNEWabottle is 100% recycled plastic - continue the cycle and recycle! We think being square is pretty Flippin' cool! Our square bottles allow us to squeeze more into our shipments, making us more fuel efficient and reducing our carbon footprint! 1,824 solar panels at our bottling facility provide the energy equivalent of the yearly usage of 51 US homes.