Luzianne Coffee & Chicory, Medium Roast 13 Oz

Family owned since 1902. Makes twice as many cups. For all coffee makers. Special note to current Luzianne users: Many Luzianne drinkers prefer an extra hearty, robust cup of coffee and use more coffee per pot than indicated on the bottom of this package. Please continue using Luzianne as you always have. For us, the center of the coffee world isn't in some far-off land- it's right here in our hometown of New Orleans. You may be surprised to know that one-third of all the coffee in North America comes through the port of New Orleans. And it is here, in the heart of this Southern coffee capital, that we expertly roast smooth, full-flavored Luzianne coffee for discerning coffee lovers. We hope you enjoy it as much as New Orleanians have for over 100 years. Enjoy our family of premium coffees. Light. Medium. Dark.