Pampers Pure Protection Diapers Size 4 58 Count

10-17 kg. Clinically proven hypoallergenic. 0% chlorine bleaching fragrance parabens. Latex (natural rubber). Up to 12 hours of protection. Cotton enhanced. 99% water. Free of phenoxyethanol, parabens, perfume & alcohol. Contains 2 package liners of 24 diapers each. Package liners are not intended for individual retail sale. Made without (Some of these substances are present in the everyday environment and therefore may be present in trace amounts in a wide range of everyday household products from diapers to drinking water): Chlorine bleaching; fragrance; parabens; lotion; latex (natural rubber); all EU 26 allergens. Pure protection that works. What's in our diaper. Absorbent Core: Totally chlorine-free fluff pulp; mineral-based odor absorber; super absorbent polymer. Absorbent Topsheet: Plant-based and polypropylene fiber. Soft Outercover: Premium cotton, polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyester blend. Printed Backsheet: Inks (made without diapers dyes). Seams & joints adhesives. Leg cuffs polypropylene & elastics. Fasteners polypropylene. Wetness Indicator: pH-sensitive strip. For more information on common diapering questions such as choosing the right Pampers product for your baby, preventing diaper leaks, diaper rash, and potty training, please consult or call 1-800-Pampers. Want to know more about the materials use? Visit Questions? 1-800-Pampers (1-800-726-7377). Pampers Rewards: Download the app. Scan codes found inside pack. Try Aqua Pure wipes. Green-e: Made with 100% certified renewable electricity. Made in USA from domestic and imported materials.