Orajel Toothpaste, Training, Natural Banana Apple 1 ea

Flouride-free. Safe if swallowed. 123 Sesame Street. Naturally sourced. Orajel Training Toothpaste gently and effectively cleans little kids' teeth and gums with brushing. Best of all, it's fluoride-free, nonabrasive, and safe if swallowed when used as directed. Stage 1: Age 0+: Baby tooth & gum care teething and tooth & gum cleansers. Stage 2: Ages 0-3: Learning to brush fluoride-free training toothpaste. Stage 3: Ages 2-10: Independent brushing fluoride toothpaste. Free from: Parabens, sugar, artificial colors, dyes, sweeteners, & preservatives, alcohol, aspartame, dairy, SLS, silicone. Helps remove food 7 plaque with brushing for cleaner teeth. The toothbrush may be sanitized by pouring boiling water over brush. All toothbrush should be replaced every 3 months. Use toothbrush with adult supervision. Use for brushing only. Do not chew. Our commitment. Product supporter of Arbor Day Foundation.