Gerber Graduates Grabbers, Apple, Mango & Strawberry

Toddler. Squeezable fruit. Made with 100% natural fruit. 2 servings of fruit per pouch (one serving is 1/4 cup of fruit for toddlers). Keep your child on a course to healthy nutrition. Your Child May Be Ready If She or He: stands alone and begins to walk alone; feeds self easily with fingers; bites through a variety of textures. Good for Toddlers: made with 100% natural fruit & vegetable; excellent source of vitamins C & E; 2 servings of fruit/vegetable per pouch (one serving is 1/4 cup of fruit/vegetable for toddlers). Made for Toddlers: easy for toddlers to self-feed; pouch is easy to take on-the-go; taste toddlers like. Nutritional Compass. Unsweetened, unsalted, no added starch, artificial flavors or colors. Ask our experts 24/7: