Natures Greens Collard Greens, Shredded 32 Oz

A mild and savory flavor. Saute as inside. Drink in juice. Add to pasta. Triple washed. Cook & serve. No preservatives. Greens good for you. Greens good for our future. For four generations the WP Rawl family has grown vegetables that are good for our bodies and good for the environment. Nature's Greens reflect our continued work to deliver farm fresh foods that meet your needs for convenience, health and environmental sustainability. We are proud to announce that the greens packaging you are holding is now recyclable via store drop-off. Store drop-off recyclable. Recycle Via Store-Drop Off: 1. After enjoying our greens, wash remaining leaves from inside of the bag. 2. Dry the empty bag. 3. Scan QR code to locate a store drop-off near you. 4. Arrive at store drop-off, place bag into proper recycling bin.