Mc Cormick Salt Free Very Good Garlic By Tabitha Brown All Purpose Seasoning 4.87 oz

McCormick® Very Good Garlic All Purpose Seasoning is loaded with garlic to add savory flavor to veggies, pasta, marinara sauce and so much more. Created in partnership with vegan foodie Tabitha Brown, this is the garlic seasoning she reaches for in her kitchen. It’s salt free and packed with garlic from a blend of garlic, black garlic and garlic oil. And, it includes McCormick herbs & spices like black pepper, basil, thyme and oregano, along with a burst of lemon. Tabitha brings joy and warmth as she shows us how to prepare vegan dishes “like so, like that” in her videos that include pasta salad, vegan pizza and avocado toast. Non-vegans (‘cause that’s your business) can enjoy this all purpose garlic seasoning as a fish, steak or chicken rub.