Kingsford Wood Pellets, Memphis Bbq 20 lb

Kingsford® Signature Flavors Hardwood Pellets Memphis BBQ enhance the rich character of hickory smoke with the pungent flavor of paprika and garlic, adding to your food an indulgent finish of caramel aromatics with a hint of herbal notes. Made with a hickory wood blend, these grilling pellets are made with 100% real spice for an elevated grilling experience. Enjoy excellent performance in all pellet grills, including Traeger® and Pit Boss®. Kingsford® Signature Flavors smoker pellets contain no artificial flavors and no artificial colors. The 100% real spice flavor pairs well with all your ribs, beef, chicken, pork, lamb and vegetable dishes. These made-for-the-grill classics team up to elevate your favorite foods to new flavor heights. These smoker pellets are now available in a 20 pound bag for an 18% better value*. Made in the USA with global ingredients. *Based on MSRP of Kingsford® Signature Flavors Memphis BBQ Pellets 17 lb as of 1.31.2023.