Mr. Clean Gloves, Latex, Premium, Large 1 Ea

Size L. Ultra-fresh freshness protection. Extra long 14 inch cuff. Soft cotton flock lining. Drip catching cuff. Tri Blend Protection: Cotton; Nitrile; Latex. Extra durable material. Loving Hands gloves are made from a special blend of high quality latex and nitrile, making them ideal for heavy duty household chores. A 14 inch long cuff provides extra protection and offers the ability to be turned down to catch drips. Treated with Ultra-Fresh, the gloves will resist odors caused by mold and mildew, extending their useful life. Place hand against dotted line as shown to find the correct size. These Gloves are Ideal for: cleaning; dishes; kitchen; pet care; bathroom; gardening. This glove contains built in freshness protection from mold & mildew.