Gain Fabric Softener, Spring Daydream, Ultra 41 fl oz

This is not your everyday fabric softener. This is pure liquid ahhhhmazing. With the awe-inspiring scent of a blooming meadow and the oh-so-gentle softness found in Gain Spring Daydream Fabric Softener, your laundry will feel as good as it smells. Let the self-hugging begin. And because of our incredible Aromaboost technology, you can indulge your senses for weeks of long-lasting freshness. With Gain Spring Daydream Fabric Softener, you’re in for an experience that is so soft and so scenty, you’re sure to fall in love. For the same amazing scent, try Gain Spring Daydream Laundry Detergent, In-Wash Scent Booster Beads and Dryer Sheets too.