California Pizza Kitchen Flatbread Melts, Chicken Santa Fe 5.9 Oz

Toasty flatbread filled with white meat chicken, reduced fat mozzarella cheese, green and red bell peppers, and onions in a southwestern style sauce. 370 calories. Fresh baked taste in minutes! Inspected for wholesomeness in US Department of Agriculture. Home. At last. California Pizza Kitchen - Nothing about pizza has been the same since we opened our first restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1985 and introduced BBQ Chicken Pizza to the world. For the last 10 years, you have enjoyed California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza in your home. Now we invite you to try Flatbread Melts bursting with delicious fillings. Experience restaurant quality and taste with California Pizza Kitchen Flatbread Melts. We hope you will discover from your very first bite, this is truly a cool new way to enjoy our restaurant flavors. Enjoy! - Larry and Rick, Co-Founders.