Oreo Oreo Frozen Dairy Dessert Cups, 10 Count 10 ea

Whether you’re looking for a small, tasty treat or throwing the biggest party, try OREO Frozen Dairy Dessert Cups. America’s favorite OREO cookies playfully reimagined as a yummy individual ice cream cup. These delicious OREO ice cream cups are filled with a vanilla frozen dessert packed with OREO cookie pieces. Ice cream -- a cool new way to enjoy OREO! Enjoy delicious creme-flavored frozen dairy dessert mixed with real OREO cookie pieces to deliver the iconic taste of OREO cookies with every bite. Many have tried to replicate the magic of OREO in their cookies and cream ice cream, but nothing compares to the real thing. This is authentic OREO playfully reimagined as a frozen treat and available in convenient, single-serving cups. These frozen cups are the perfect chill-out treat on a warm summer day, when dessert time comes around, or when you’re hosting friends and family. Great for all occasions and celebrations, these delicious frozen dairy dessert cups are sure to be a hit and enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Want more? Then try the whole line of OREO frozen treats, including scoopable tubs, bars, sandwiches, and cones.