Celentano Ravioli, Cheese, Mini Rounds 24 oz

Real Italian style. Italian classic since 1947. Chef crafted authentic made fresh. Just add sauce. Ready in 5 min. Preservative free. Oven baked mini rounds cheese ravioli with marinara. Celentano mini rounds cheese ravioli is our classic ravioli in a bite sized shape. Our mini rounds cheese Ravioli is crafted with a creamy ricotta and romano filling and delicately spiced. Ingredients make the difference. As a family-owned company for more than 60 years, Rosina remains dedicated to delivering authentic, Italian cuisine to your dinner table. From pasta, to meatballs and entrees, we promise each bite will bring you real Italian goodness. We carefully select real, simple ingredients to give you the best dining experience possible. Our pasta does not contain preservatives or artificial colors and is flash frozen to ensure freshness.