Grace Patties, Fully Baked, Mild Beef Filling 2 ea

2 individually wrapped baked patties. Jamaican turnovers style patties. Quality since 1922. Just heat & serve! Jamaican patties are one of the most popular and delicious snack foods in Jamaica, and are rapidly being discovered and enjoyed the world over! Jamaican Style Patties are scrumptious, savory pastries with fillings made from any meat or vegetable, and baked inside a tender, flaky crust. The traditional and still the most popular filling is ground beef. Jamaican Style Patties are ideal for a light lunch or quick, convenient snack on-the-go any time of day! Baking in a conventional or toaster oven, produces the best results - for a crispy, flaky, delicious crust, but Jamaican Style Patties can also be heated in the microwave in just 1-1/2 minutes! Microwaveable. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Try Grace Jamaican Style Patties in 3 delicious flavors; Spicy Beef, Mild Beef & Curried Chicken! Facebook: Twitter: Product of USA.