Reese's Shell Topping, Chocolate & Peanut Butter Flavor 7.25 oz

Imagine a REESE'S chocolate peanut butter cup melted down so that you can pour it over your favorite baked goods and ice cream with a crisp, hard finish! REESE'S shell topping is the perfect ice cream topper that hardens in seconds to give you a crisp, chocolatey finish. You can also pour this delicious chocolate shell with peanut butter over desserts like brownies, cookies, cake or anything that needs a bit of chocolatey peanut butter crunch. Use this REESE'S shell topping at birthday parties, cook outs and slumber parties as the perfect treat. Whatever baked good needs a bit of peanut butter and chocolate topping, this REESE'S shell is your go-to. REESE'S chocolate peanut butter shell topping is perfect for celebrating the holidays, too! Drizzle this topping over all your Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas desserts for added flavor. Even better, gift this bottle in Easter baskets and Christmas stockings for all the bakers in your life. You can also use it to create unique and edible crafts. Shake the bottle well before use and do not refrigerate. If the shell topping hardens inside the bottle, simply place the bottle in hot water for several minutes before you pour and enjoy!