Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bars, Reduced Fat, Vanilla Fudge Brownie 6 Ea

Vanilla flavored reduced fat ice cream topped with a layer of brownie batter & brownie brittle pieces covered with a milk chocolaty coating and candy drizzle. New. Eat. Close. Repeat. Carrots schmarrots. Hop to it! Yum! Brownies. So hoppin good mmm! First baby carrots, now this?! Bunny we shrunk the treats. Artificial flavor added. Ice cream doesn't need to act cool, it just is. Kinda like you. Resealable. How's this for over the top! We start with a thick layer of brownie batter, then sprinkle on brownie brittle pieces. From there we blanket it all in chocolate and top with candy drizzle. Here's the inside stuff! There's even more mmm in the middle, every one is fun-filled with the creamiest, dreamiest ice cream you've ever tasted, seriously, it's crazy good. One good thing on top of another. Years and years with bunny ears. Since 1913. To be sold by pouch only. Contents are not marked for individual sale. Ice cream fat reduced 30% from regular ice cream, from 10 g to 7 g per 100 g. See nutrition information for saturated fat content. Not a reduced fat food.