Breyers Frozen Dairy Dessert Chocolate Chip 48 oz

Chip out with rich and creamy vanilla Breyers mixed with rich chocolatey chips! For those days when you don’t want something too complicated, but the simplicity of a chocolate and vanilla dessert, in just the right combination — this frozen treat hits the spot! Our tip: Enjoy a scoop with an ice cream cone for a delicious, easy dessert. Love that vanilla flavor? Well, its actually 100% sustainably farmed and comes from Madagascar. It’s even certified by Rainforest Alliance, so you can know that you’re doing a little good for those farmers, with every bowl. Our vanilla is not the only special part of Breyers Chocolate Chip frozen treat. We partner with American farmers for 100% Grade A milk and cream from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones*. We even use colors and flavors from natural sources**. Our commitment to using high-quality ingredients goes back over 150 years, when in 1866 William Breyer started his small ice cream operation in Philadelphia. He established a Pledge of Purity to use real ingredients in his ice cream and frozen desserts. Though much has changed since 1866, our philosophy on high-quality ingredients has not. We believe that the quality of our ingredients makes delicious desserts. Discover all Breyers has to offer, from our famous Natural Vanilla ice cream to non-dairy frozen dairy dessert and more! Try Breyers Chocolate Chip frozen snack yourself and leave us a review on! Or follow us @Breyers on Instagram! *The FDA states that no significant difference has been shown between dairy derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows. **Our product, before the inclusion of any candies, cookies, sauces or fruit from other suppliers, will fully abide by this claim.