Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Core 1 Pt

Ben & Jerry's Cookie milk ice cream with fudge chips and a chocolate chip cookie dough core. Dough lovers, unite! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core is the ice cream that dough lovers have been waiting for - and it does not disappoint. When you dive into a pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, do you dig out the dough chunks before anything else? Do you prefer cookie dough to cookies any day of the week? When you make cookies, does it take every ounce of your willpower to not eat the whole bowl of dough before it makes it into the oven? Us too. That's why our Flavor Gurus decided it was time to do the impossible: put a thick core of chocolate chip cookie dough into the center of this wildly dough tastic flavor. Every bite is filled with soft, sweet cookie dough and fudge flakes that provide a surprisingly satisfying crunch. The result? Absolute cookie dough nirvana. It's the classic chocolate chip cookie dough experience, ice cream-ified to euphoric perfection. And Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core is about more than just flavor. Each pint is made with eggs from cage-free hens, non-GMO sourced ingredients, and Fairtrade Certified cocoa, sugar, and vanilla. And responsibly sourced packaging to boot!"