Lowes Foods Gel Professional Strength Drain Cleaner 32 Fl Oz Jug

We buy only the best for our family and yours. So, if you're not fully satisfied with this product, we'll replace it and give you a full refund. That's the lowes foods 200% guarantee. Works fast to clear the toughest clogs. Powerful patented formula pours through standing water. Starts working immediately. Lowes drain opener can be used safely with plastic (pvc and hdpe) pipes or metal (iron, carbon steel, stainless steel) pipes. Do not use for copper or brass pipes. Lowes drain opener can be used safely in most types of sinks, showers or tubs (porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, and plastic). Do not use in sinks made from aluminum, formica or wood. Safe for pipes 200% quality guarantee Pours through water And cuts grease & hair