Healthy Choice Tomato Basil Chicken, Low Carb Lifestyle 9.5 oz

New. Zero (See side panel for more information). Serving bowl made from plant-based fiber. All the flavor, no added sugar. We don’t need to add sugar to our recipes to create big, bold flavor. That’s because we select naturally delicious ingredients that taste great together to create a meal that is stacked with flavor from top to bottom. Pasta: A satisfying pasta made with pea and semolina wheat flour that fits a low carb lifestyle. Dark Leafy Greens: A healthy blend of kale, chard, and spinach adds rich color and flavor. Sauce: Tantalizingly simmered with tomatoes, basil, and oregano. Vegetables: A bright mix of zucchini, vine-ripened tomatoes, and asparagus adds delicious texture. Chicken: Marinated, tender, juicy, and delicious chicken adds outstanding flavor. Mozzarella Cheese: Adds a tasty finishing touch.0 Preservatives. 0 Artificial colors.