El Monterey Taquitos, Southwest Chicken, Extra Crunchy 18 ea

Our El Monterey Extra Crunchy Southwest Chicken Taquitos will satisfy your cravings for bold Mexican appetizers or snacks. This protein-packed frozen snack is filled with savory, Mexican-seasoned chicken rolled with three kinds of cheese, flavorful black beans and peppers in a crispy seasoned shell. Frozen for your convenience, these delicious chicken taquitos only need a few minutes in the microwave. Or put these taquitos with frozen chicken in air fryer cookers for the ultimate crispy take! Perfect for dipping in guacamole, ranch, salsa or on their own! Whether you have to feed the family or need a quick snack or lunch for the kids, El Monterey taquitos are perfect for every occasion. Stock your freezer with El Monterey Extra Crunchy Southwest Chicken Taquitos for satisfying and delicious frozen Mexican TV dinners anytime, anywhere! Dinnertime is no longer limited by crispy chicken fingers or frozen tortillas. These taquitos are ready to go!