CoolHaus Farmers Market Strawberry Cheesecake Awesome Ice cream 1 pt

Cheesecake ice cream with dough bites & a fresh strawberry swirl. About This Flavor: What beats the taste and smell of the freshest strawberries you can find? We’re stumped. We created this flavor for one of our biggest partnership activations and took two trucks on a national tour to promote it! Now, for those who weren’t fortunate enough to partake then, we bring you a decadent real cheesecake ice cream with that swirl of fruit and graham crust that is at once a trip to the farmers market and a bite of your favorite cake. In 2009, fearless millennials Natasha Case and Freya Estreller started baking perfectly constructed and epically creamy ice cream sandwiches from scratch and naming the unique combinations after architects to celebrate their former careers. Together, the pair dubbed powerhouse ladies by Inc. Magazine, pioneered an innovative, thoughtful and rapidly rising ice cream empire that is authentically the coolest around. Today, Natasha Case leads the way as CEO of Coolhaus, inspiring, mentoring and empowering the next generation of women, as she builds what she believes will become the household brand of her generation.