Blue Bunny Frozen Dairy Dessert, Cookies & Cream, Twist 1 pt

Treat yourself to a new twist on soft serve with Blue Bunny Twist Cookies and Cream Frozen Dessert. Cookies and cream and chocolate twist soft frozen dairy dessert swirls with ribbons of fudge to create a frozen treat that will leave cookies and cream lovers rejoicing. Deliciously soft straight from your freezer, Blue Bunny Twist is easy to scoop. Enjoy it by the spoonful, in a sugar cone, by the bowl or straight out of the container—the bunny doesn't judge. This new take on soft serve is fun to scoop and even more fun to eat, whether you're kicking off family game night or sharing frozen treats around the pool. Grab a pint of Blue Bunny Twist frozen dessert to create unforgettable, ice cream shop quality frozen sweet treats any time. The resealable, transparent container lets you see the deliciousness for yourself and makes it convenient to create a soft serve experience at home. Blue Bunny—We Make Fun.