Fresh Express Iceberg Garden 32 Oz

Iceberg, carrots, red cabbage. Fresh, great tasting, more nutritious than just iceberg lettuce! 5 Times more of the daily value for Vitamin A; 6 times the antioxidant beta carotene per serving. Contains 8 servings. Thoroughly washed. No preservatives. Stay fresh seal. Why we're so fresh! Cool and crisp Fresh Express cools our salads within hours of harvesting and keeps them cold all the way to the store. Washed & ready all Fresh Express salads are thoroughly washed, rinsed and gently dried, then sealed in a keep-crisp bag for long lasting freshness without preservatives. Delivered fresh daily Fresh Express delivers the freshest salads to your store every day. At Fresh Express we are passionate about delivering the freshest, highest quality salads possible! Our team of food scientists and agricultural experts are committed to exceeding industry standards so we can guarantee the freshness of every leaf, every single day. Fresh Express Early Harvest lettuce is harvested at the peak of freshness - up to two weeks earlier than most whole head lettuce. Picked for optimal freshness, our Early Harvest lettuce, carrots, and red cabbage are crisp, great tasting and packed with nutrients!