Febreze Febreze Air Effects Kitchen Odor Fighter, Fresh Lemon, 250g 250 g

Whether it's Wednesday's leftovers or smelly-memories from past trash, even the cleanest kitchens have lingering odors. Don't just cover them up; Febreze Air Effects Kitchen Odor Fighter cleans the air of kitchen stinks with 2X the Odor-Fighting ingredients (vs. base Febreze). With a crisp citrus zest, this Fresh Lemon scent is always fresh... never sour. Freshen your air by spraying in a sweeping motion throughout and replace "ick!" with "ahh." And because Febreze AIR uses 100% natural propellants, you can confidently use it in your kitchen. Looking for a kitchen air freshener that works around the clock? Try the Febreze Kitchen Odor Fighter PLUG for 24/7 freshness.