Dove Candy, Dark Chocolate & Almond 6.74 oz

It's time to treat yourself! DOVE makes it easy with our DOVE PROMISES Dark Chocolate & Almond Candy. The velvety dark chocolate seamlessly blended with the satisfying crunch of real almonds, delivers a truly delightful moment of pleasure! Give yourself a moment of pure indulgence with our DOVE PROMISES. From making candy dishes pop with elegant foils, to upgrading your party favors, DOVE PROMISES Dark Chocolate & Almonds Candy is the premium choice! Keep DOVE PROMISES Chocolates on hand for your own quiet moment of reflection with the help of sweet messages tucked behind every wrapper. Whether enjoyed as an afternoon treat or as a deliciously simple dessert, these iconic dark chocolates will make you feel pampered. Add DOVE PROMISES Dark Chocolate and Almonds Candy to your cart today, for a luxurious tomorrow!