Perdue Chicken Breast Nuggets, Whole Grain, Breaded 29 oz

Made with: 100% Natural ingredients (Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients); 100% non GMO ingredients (In accordance with the National Organic Program Federal Regulations); white meat chicken. Our chickens are raised with no antibiotics ever. Fully cooked. Chicken raised with no hormones or steroids added (Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry). Our chickens are raised with 100% vegetarian diet. When it comes to the food you feed your family, quality matters. With a 100-year tradition of excellence, Perdue is dedicated to providing wholesome, flavorful foods that start with chickens raised on family farms, right here in the USA. With Perdue SimplySmart Organics, we keep it simple, start, and satisfying. That means using only organic, non-GMO (In accordance with the National Organic Program Federal Regulations) ingredients you can recognize. We add the perfect blend of organic whole grains and tasty seasonings to 100% natural (Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients) organic chicken to bring you a delicious and nutritious meal. If this purchase fails to meet your expectations, I want to know about it - Jim Perdue.