O That's Good Baked Potato Soup

O Thats Good! Baked Potato Soup is classic creamy potato soup with a nutritious twist. Some of the potato has been replaced with mashed cauliflower, increasing the number of veggies while keeping all of the rich, cheesy-bacon-potato flavor in every bite. With no artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives, cauliflower potato soup is always a wonderful side dish or main course for a family meal. To prepare this easy meal, simply microwave the tub according to the instructions on the package. The convenient resealable 16 ounce tub stores neatly in your refrigerator. Try pairing this potato cheese soup with your favorite sandwich, or enjoy it on its own in a bread bowl. O! Thats Good! brings you delicious, flavorful and convenient foods that taste like home with a nutritious twist.