SMITHFIELD Black Forest Brand Ham

Smithfield Black Forest Brand Ham offers the legendary taste you expect in convenient deli slices for quick meals and snacking. This deli fresh lunch meat is 97% fat free for a delicious alternative without sacrificing any of the flavor. The natural juices keep this Black Forest ham lunch meat moist and tender to deliver flavorful, high-quality results. Freshly sliced in the deli, this boneless ham can be cut into thick or thin slices to fit your preferences, and you can order just the right amount of this ham to keep up with your family's appetite. Pile this deli ham high on your favorite bakery bread or bun with mustard, cheese and other toppings for an indulgent, old-fashioned sandwich. Use this deli fresh lunch meat as a protein topping on your salad or add a few slices to omelets for delicious home-cooked flavor that fits into your busy lifestyle. A product of the USA, this deli Black Forest ham delivers the finest quality and flavor that takes your meals to the next level.