Acme Salmon, Smoked Nova 3 Oz

Smoked fish. Kosher for Passover. Brooklyn smoked fish. Since 1906. Brooklyn classic. 105 calorie pack. Pre-sliced. Ready to eat. Contains: omega-3 fatty acids; natural green tea. A Family Tradition of Quality: Our family has been perfecting the art of smoking fish for over 100 years. Only the finest fish from all over the world are cured and processed for our product line. We take great pride in our product and feel confident that you will be completely satisfied. So, when you are looking for a reliable, fresh source of traditional smoked fish and herring products, look for Acme products. Lea - Lox, eggs & avocado. Smoked salmon tartare. Smoked salmon frittata. Visit our website at to view these recipes. Good source of protein. 0 trans fat. Gluten free. Learn more about the quality and variety of our handcrafted smoked fish products at